Ceramic Tile Cleaning Tips Worth Knowing


Ceramic Tile Cleaning Tips Worth Knowing

ceramic tile cleaningCeramic tiles add color and life to any room, IF they are clean. Yes, no matter how much you dislike it, it’s important that ceramic tiles are thoroughly clean all the time. So if you are new to it, here is some ceramic tile cleaning information you need to know.

Avoid using harsh cleansing agents to clean ceramic tiles as it may only damage them. Do not use cleaning supplies which can damage the tile or grout as grout holds the tiles together and protects against residue and moisture.

Use the right brushes or brooms

Machines used for scrubbing floors, and abrasive cleaners can end up scarring the glaze and even damages the grout in between tiles. Instead, it’s okay to use brushes or brooms meant solely for cleaning ceramic tiles. Just make sure its bristles are firm enough to get the job done without any scratches.

An all-natural sponge is great to use for cleaning wet wall tiles as moisture accumulated on the walls can lead to mold developing on the grout. A sponge not only removes mold, but also keeps the place dry to prevent any mold development.

Avoid bleaches or gritty cleaners

Avoid using gritty cleaners and bleaches as they make the pattern and color fade. Use natural cleaning products instead which keep the tile wonderfully clean while preserving its finish. Damaged or worn grout between the tiles should be repaired as soon as possible lest moisture reaches the flooring under it and lead to expensive repair bills.

A little cleaning effort on your part helps make your tiles look as great as it was first installed. If you don’t’ have the time or patience to do all this yourself, don’t worry. You can always call in professional cleaners to do it for you like Overturfs. Call us at 941-301-9555 for one of the best cleaning experiences ever to your house!

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