Home Care Winter Maintenance Tips (even for Florida)

Great winter home maintenance tips (even for Florida!)

Prepping your home for storms that are either predicted or that can occur at any time is the best defense against wind, water and related storm damages.

Tip #1: Inspect the windows

No, not in the glass itself (you can see that easily and would have already replaced broken windows.) Check the weather stripping, the caulking and edges of the glass. Ensure no air is getting in or out. This is easier to check on a windy day. Hold a tissue paper up to the areas you are inspecting to see if there is any movement. If so, repair that area. Replace the caulking or weather stripping if necessary. professional carpet cleaning in sarasota

Tip #2: Get climbing…

… up on the roof, that is. But keep it safe! Hire someone if you aren’t able to physically do this yourself or if there is any danger of falling. You (or someone) needs to inspect your roofing materials, areas around chimneys, skylights, and vents… anywhere that water can intrude and cause problems. Be sure to repair any damage before the weather turns bad.

Tip #3: Clean the gutters

Dirty, cluttered gutters don’t do their job very well. Rain and debris in the gutters means they clog up and can cause all kinds of problems for your home. Get out the ladder or hire a pro to ensure your gutters are clean and ready for winter.

Another tip for those that have your professional carpet cleaning in Sarasota this time of year:

In Florida in December, we often don’t need to run our air conditioning. Some don’t even run ceiling fans. While this is great for our electric bill, it’s not great for damp carpets. So when you get your carpets cleaned, be sure to set your AC to 70-75, or if it’s too chilly, set it to the fan setting so those carpets can dry faster. Run those ceiling fans too, at least for a few hours so everything can get dry.

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