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There is an undeniable sense of well-being when you walk into your home and you see carpet that now looks brand new, area rugs transformed into the same vibrant colors that caught your eye when you bought them and tile that looks like it was just installed yesterday.

The other guys could never quite get those pet stains to ‘stay gone,’ and you had forgotten what color the grout used to be. One visit from Overturf’s cleaning brought it all back. The tile absolutely gleams, and the carpet just begs you to kick your shoes off.

You call up Jeremy and Stefanie Overturf, because you just have to know their secret. You can hear the smile in Jeremy’s voice when he says, “Everyone asks us that, but we won’t tell. We’re just happy you’re happy.”

team photo

A Proud Moment – Winning the Manatee Chamber’s 2015 Small Business of the Year award

Making the Most of Opportunities

Jeremy and Stefanie started out in corporate America, impressing bosses, satisfying customers and climbing that ladder. Then… Recession. Stefanie’s job managing corporate accounts for a major daily newspaper was phased out. The company where Jeremy worked as a data analyst was bought out by a larger entity. Not comfortable with the new regime, Jeremy started looking for better opportunities.


To make ends meet, Stefanie started cleaning houses. Time and time again, her customers asked if she knew a “good and reliable” carpet cleaning company. Jeremy’s parents owned a commercial janitorial company, so he knew some cleaning secrets. The data analyst and the marketing pro put their heads together. Maybe they knew a good company after all.

Jeremy and Stefanie knew they possessed some industry secrets and an unshakable work ethic. They just needed the right business model. The couple built Overturf’s Cleaning on five foundational principles – develop an outstanding reputation, let our experience speak for us, get the most education including certifications from The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), develop the best internal and external systems and offer an unbeatable guarantee.

Since 2008, the Overturfs have been putting that plan to work with tremendous results. 2013 brought 80% growth, a building dedicated to hand cleaning fine area rugs, and two new employees.

Things have continued to skyrocket since.  “We know we are replacing ourselves in the field, so we only hire the best quality people.  Then we give them the best possible training and supply them with the highest quality products,” Stefanie said.  And the stains stay gone.

Because Reputation Matters

Peggy Page works as a manager at a local flooring retailer. She exclusively recommends Overturf’s Cleaning to her customers, knowing that, every time she hands out a card, she is putting her own reputation on the line.

John Maxwell

With internationally recognized leadership expert, speaker, coach, and author John Maxwell.

“About a year and a half ago Stefanie came into our shop and introduced herself. I was impressed with her, but knew I could not recommend them without a strong personal experience. Peggy had recently inherited some well-loved furniture. “The sofa and chairs were good quality, but I thought the upholstery was shot. Old and faded. I asked them to come out
and take a look.”

By the time Jeremy was finished, the furniture looked brand new. “It was so bright, so vibrant. I had forgotten they were even that color!”

Now Peggy recommends Overturf’s with enthusiasm and without reservation. “I would guess I’ve handed out at least seventy-five of their cards. I’ve had plenty of customers call me back to thank me for the recommendation and not one ever call to complain.”

Because Accidents Happen


Jeremy with Tom Ziglar, son of Legendary motivation and sales trainer Zig Ziglar.

John Hubbard had some puppy trouble. “We bought two dogs and did our best to train them, but two at the same time? You are going to have some accidents.”

John said he had tried several carpet cleaners without success. “They would come out, clean the carpets, clean the rug and any stains would be gone. Then a week, two weeks later, the spots came back, so I would have to call them again.”

Instead, John called Overturf’s. “They cleaned the rug and got the spots out. That was three or four years ago. The spots stayed gone.” Since then, John has called Jeremy and Stefanie numerous times. “They are consistent, and they come out when you need them, even at short notice. I was having a Christmas party a few years back. As you can imagine, there were a few accidents. They came out during the holidays, bent over backwards for us to work around my schedule.”

“As far as I’m concerned, if you want your carpets cleaned, these are the only people to use.
They do it right, and they do it right the first time.”

We Have Our Rug Back

with Howard and Denise

Howard Partridge with his lovely wife Denise. Howard is our small business coach and has helped us take our service, systems, and leadership to high levels we never thought possible.

Linda Singer is a Realtor with Coldwell Banker in the Sarasota-Bradenton area. Any time one of her buyers or sellers chooses to clean the carpets instead of replacing them, she recommends Overturf’s. “I would say I’ve sent them about thirty customers now, and I’ve never gotten any backlash from a referral.”

Any why does Linda recommend Overturf’s so readily? Mainly because of her delightful three-pound handful, a Chihuahua named Chico. “We have this huge area rug under our dining table. It’s a major accent piece in our home, and, of course, Chico loves sneaking under the table and peeing on this one rug.”

Linda said she was just about to give up and get rid of the rug, but, instead, she called Stefanie. “They came and picked it up, no muss, no fuss, then brought it back looking absolutely like brand new. It is so beautiful, and we are so excited to have our rug back!”

From Lived in to Like New

For rugs that need washing, mysteriously reappearing carpet stains, upholstery and tile or grout that needs freshened up, the first place to call in Lakewood Ranch is Overturf’s Floor & Fabric Care.

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