Resolve to keep your home healthier

Why your New Year’s resolutions fail. 
 Dear Jeremy ,

When I used to go to the gym regularly, I would always notice big crowds the first 2 weeks of January. The first time it happened, I told a friend, “Great, this place used to be nice a quiet at this time.” He said, “Just wait a couple weeks, it’s New Years.”
Sure enough, the gym got to be a quiet place of refuge again about the 3rd week of January. So why do so many fail at their New Year’s resolutions?
Here’s what Psychology Today tells us:
“Timothy Pychyl, a professor of psychology at Carleton University in Canada, says that resolutions are a form of “cultural procrastination,” an effort to reinvent oneself. People make resolutions as a way of motivating themselves, he says. Pychyl argues that people aren’t ready to change their habits, particularly bad habits, and that accounts for the high failure rate. 
Another reason, says Dr. Avya Sharma of the Canadian Obesity Network, is that people set unrealistic goals and expectations in their resolutions.”
Not really ready to change and unrealistic expectations…sounds like some of the goals I’ve set for myself in the past!
One tool I’ve found incredible effective was something I learned from the Zig Ziglar organization. Keep reading below and I’ll share it with you.
Resolve to start the new year off with a clean and healthy home!
Are you keeping your carpets, rugs, tile and upholstery professionally maintained yearly? If not, now’s the perfect time to start this good habit and clean up after those holiday guests.

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Certified Carpet Cleaner – Does it Mean Anything?

Does It Mean Anything?


Actually, a carpet cleaning professional is working with one of your most valuable assets.  Should it be trusted with just anyone? Unfortunately, our industry is full of “rogues” that only care about how much money they can get from you, and nothing about the life of your carpeting. They do not care about the industry in which they work.



What is the IICRC?

Have you ever noticed that in many states, air conditioning companies, plumbers, and pest control companies are required to be licensed? Not so for carpet cleaners. Fortunately for you, and for me, there are many fine people in the carpet cleaning industry that realize the standard must be raised. Those of us in that process help to police our own industry. In order to do this, associations and certification organizations were created.

One such organization is called the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification). This organization provides certification courses and exams for the carpet cleaning industry. By attending these courses, carpet cleaners are taught about fiber identification, carpet construction, cleaning chemistry, cleaning methods, and professionalism.

So, the question remains- “Does it mean anything?” Yes, yes, yes! It means a lot! It means that the certified firm is on the cutting edge of technology and change in our industry. It means that a certified firm knows the right way to apply cleaning procedures and chemistry. It means that the certified firm is working together with other certified firms to raise the standard of carpet cleaning in general, therefore providing you with a higher quality product.

Safety – When a Service Person Comes Into Your Home

Protecting Your Family When Inviting Workers Into Your Home –

5 Easy Steps

As a professional carpet cleaning company, we work inside people’s homes daily. Having a great reputation that precedes us, including many client reviews, helps our clients to feel more comfortable. We primarily serve referred and repeat clients. It can be scary to have a stranger into your home, so we do everything we can to make you feel comfortable, including clearly identifying ourselves by our uniforms and business cards. Being fully insured and performing a complete background check on every new employee helps us further decrease any risk when we send someone to your home. We even send an e-mail with a link to our team members pictures and a brief biography.

You may not always have a level of comfort with every worker that comes to your home. Some companies or individuals have workers that may dress slovenly, their appearance may be intimidating, or they might act unprofessionally. What can you do to keep you and your family safe when you invite workers into your home?

At Overturf’s Cleaning, on our wall we have outlined our Mission, Values, and Purpose. Our purpose is to protect Southwest Florida from uneducated, uninformed, and even downright unscrupulous service companies. A great way to do that is to be educated on what to look for.

Employment Screening Resources (ESR) recommends the following five easy steps for people to protect themselves in their homes:

1. Deal only with reputable local businesses. A business should be able to tell you what precautions they take in hiring someone they plan to send inside your house. If the company you are talking to does not know the specifics, make them find out before you let their workers into your home. If the carpet cleaning firm, plumbing company or other service business will not give you the answers you need, then call someone else. Fly by night, or here today gone tomorrow businesses are unfortunately common in the carpet cleaning industry. Red flags are generally when they advertise extremely low, to-good-to-be true prices. Remember what dear mother said about ‘when it sounds too good to be true.’

Also, don’t let a small business tell you that it is too expensive or difficult to practice safe hiring. Isn’t it better to pay a little more to company that has done the work to make sure they are not sending a dangerous person into your home? There are a number of steps any small business can take to make sure they are hiring safe and qualified people that cost next to nothing. It’s just a matter of having a commitment to customer safety, as opposed to just hiring anyone they can find to do the job.

2. If you are hiring an individual and not a firm, what do you know about them? The best protection is to do past employment checks or reference checks on people who dealt with them in a business capacity. If you know that a person has been gainfully employed for the past few years, it lessens the possibility they have been incarcerated for a serious offense. Make sure they check out. If it does not seem right, then find someone else. A professional screening firm or private investigator can also be contacted to perform a criminal check.

3. For a sensitive position such as a nanny or caregiver, spend the money it takes to do it right. Do a background check, contact a pre-employment screening firm or private investigator to check out the person. The most critical checks are past employment to verify where the person has been as well as a criminal check. When the well being of loved ones are on the line, the extra investment in security is well worth the small costs involved. Background checks can be done for a very reasonable rate these days.

4. Use common sense. You may not check out everyone that comes to your home. A business for example, may come to your home just once to briefly drop something off or make a home repair. BUT use common sense. Have other people around if possible. Do not leave confidential information (such as checkbooks or credit card bills) or valuables lying around. In addition, do not tell store clerks or a person making a one-time visit anything confidential about your personal life, habits or customs that could make you a target in the future. For example, you don’t need to tell a stranger if you are leaving town, or give information about your usual schedule, or if people you live with are away. And if you are uncomfortable for any reason, or something does not seem right, do not let the person in.

5. False sense of security–Be careful about do it yourself background checks on the internet. There are some Internet sites that seem to suggest that they offer a national criminal record search. Unfortunately, a person may be lulled into a completely false sense of security if the name they are searching does not appear on one of these databases. In fact, the appearance of a person’s name on a database is not an indication the person is criminal any more then the absence of a name shows they are not a criminal. Why? Because these Internet services are based upon databases that are best used by professional investigators or screening firms in conjunction with a number of other tools. The databases by themselves are not an authoritative source. Many of the Internet databases are names assembled from correctional or law enforcement databases, or from court repositories that are only as accurate as the individual counties that report records. There is no way to know if the records are complete, accurate or up to date, or if the record is even about the person you are looking for. Actual court files normally must be obtained to locate identifiers. In addition, there are large holes in the geographic coverage.

A consumer is much better off contacting a professional who knows how to utilize such databases, as well as numerous other tools in order to do a legal background check.

We’re not telling you this to make you paranoid about every service person that works at your home. However, it is important that you don’t expose you or your family to potentially dangerous situations. We just want you to be aware of what to look for and how to identify an uneducated, uninformed, or downright unscrupulous service company.

So use caution and common sense so your next service experience can be an outstanding one!

Carpet Cleaning Indoor Air Quality

Caught up in the day to day of life, we often don’t realize that the main reason for cleaning carpets shouldn’t be because they look dirty. If they look dirty, they are past the time they should have been cleaned.

The main reason for cleaning carpets is for your health. Professional carpet cleaning is one of the main factors that contribute to indoor air quality. The article below examines why.

Enjoy your day!

Jeremy & Stefanie

Indoor Air Quality – Health and Carpet

Have you heard the one about indoor air being more polluted than outdoor air?

Unfortunately, it’s not a joke, according to the EPA.

How so? The primary reason is that indoor air is trapped with no where to circulate. Rarely does it get completely replaced (How often do you keep your windows open in the summertime, and if so, how much of a breeze is coming through your home?). Outdoor air though constantly gets blown away and replaced by different air.

This trapped air in our home is constantly combining with new pollutants that we bring home everyday: from our clothes, shoes, our hair, our bodies, our pets, our garages, and countless other sources. These pollutants eventually settle on our furniture, our floors, our rugs, and yes, our carpet. Your carpet is actually a great filter for trapping these pollutants.

However, when someone walks over them, they stir back up into your air and you and your family breathe them. A great example is when you look at a stream of sunlight or if you’ve ever seen the beam of light from a film projector. Did you notice all the dust floating around? That is in the air we breathe over and over. That’s why indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air.


There is a way out of this vicious cycle.

2 of the most important steps are:

1. Vacuum regularly – at least once a week. If you have children and/or pets this is especially important and you may even want to do it more often depending on your circumstances. Get a powerful vacuum with HEPA filtration.

2. Get your carpet cleaned thoroughly and regularly. This rids your home of these pollutants lurking in your carpet. You will want to have a professional service do this around once per year. Why a professional? Because I am one? No, but because the little machine you rent from the grocery store just isn’t pulling that much of those pollutants out. Professional carpet cleaning equipment along with cleaners available to the experts will get deep down contaminants while over the counter equipment and cleaners often just remove surface dirt. Yes Sarasota carpet cleaning is a major factor.

Yes, cleaning your carpet is the best solution for removing indoor air pollution.  And that’s why we recommend cleaning all rooms of carpet even if they don’t look dirty.

How often should you get them professionally cleaned? It can vary, based on conditions in the home such as smoking, pets, children, the amount of foot traffic.

The U.S. EPA outlined a letter in January 1989 that contained a chart with the amount of time between cleanings. According to it, the longest recommended interval between cleanings to maintain indoor air quality is 12 months.

What would it be worth if regular carpet cleanings could mean one less doctor visit for your family? Could my indoor air quality help me to be able to breath better and get sick less?

Floor & Fabric Care Specialists
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Motivational Moment:


“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.”

Lou Holtz


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Overturf’s Cleaning

Get Free Cash! 

What if you could help your friends and family avoid being the victims of uneducated, uninformed, and sometimes downright unscrupulous carpet cleaners?

Do you think that a company with a great reputation would rather pay you to advertise for us by relating your experiences than for expensive advertising that may or may not work?

That’s why we created the referral reward program where you get…
Free Cash or Free Cleaning

For every new client you or anyone else refers to us, we will reward you with a 10% referral fee, with no limit to the number of people you refer!

That’s 10% of the money from their first cleaning that goes to you!

When you refer someone, you will automatically receive a certificate that you may use for cash or services.

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Learn more about our referral reward program.

How to keep your next cleaner from doing this to you.

So many industries require certification and training, and it makes sense. When your faucet is leaking water all over your kitchen, would you want a plumber that is learning on the job, figuring things out as he goes? Did you know that although wonderful training and certification programs are available for carpet cleaners, that certification is currently not required? And even worse, many choose not to become certified.

How to Select a Professional

Cleaning Company

Exhibit A: You may find many carpet cleaners to be uneducated, uninformed, and some even downright unscrupulous.

The above picture was taken by me at my neighbor’s house. I’m always interested in the carpet cleaning companies people choose and why. Notice anything strange? Maybe that the van is parked on the grass and sidewalk?  How awkward would you feel if the company you hired pulled right up onto your lawn like this? Or worse, if you referred this company to a friend or client and you found out this happened to them…how embarrassing would that be?

I didn’t ask my neighbors how the experience went. But do you think it was the most outstanding service experience ever? If this type of attitude was taken towards parking, how do you think things might have gone inside the home? Have you or someone you know been the victim of a nightmare carpet cleaner?

What kind of things can a service company do to provide a better experience and provide the comfort and assurance needed when inviting their technicians into your home?

Some of the systems we’ve put in place are: background and drug tested employees, neatly uniformed technicians with dress and grooming guidelines, clean organized vehicles and systems to ensure timeliness, full insurance, extensive training programs and certifications, inspections and walk throughs, and so much more!

We have a free downloadable consumer guide on our website, with a list of questions that will help you choose a cleaning company. One important factor is the education in their industry that the company has. We always recommend using an IICRC Certified cleaner.

What is a “Certified” Carpet Cleaner?

In shopping for carpet cleaning, you may have noticed the word “certified” being used in advertising. You may have seen a logo being used to feature certification. What does this mean to you as a client? Would you be surprised to learn that most carpet cleaning companies have no formal training? That they are not required to be licensed? That there is no requirement to have any certification whatsoever? Is training and certification important? After all, isn’t carpet cleaning a “menial” task that anyone can perform?

Actually, a carpet cleaning professional is working with one of your most valuable assets, your floors. They are also working in your bedrooms and around your family and possibly valuable possessions. Would it make sense to entrust this task to the lowest bidder? Unfortunately, our industry is full of “rogues” that only care about how much money they can get from you, and nothing about the life of your carpeting, or the service experience you receive. They do not care about the industry in which they work.

Have you ever noticed that in many states, air conditioning companies, plumbers, and pest control companies are required to be licensed? Not so for carpet cleaners. Fortunately for you, and for me, there are many fine people in the carpet cleaning industry that realize the standard must be raised.

The most recognized organization in this effort is called the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification). This organization provides certification courses and exams for the carpet cleaning industry. By attending these courses, carpet cleaners are taught about fiber identification, carpet construction, cleaning chemistry, cleaning methods, and professionalism. In order to receive certification, both classroom work, hands on training, and a passed written exam are required.

These valuable concepts equip them to choose the proper procedures for cleaning your carpet. A certified firm such as Overturf’s is on the cutting edge of technology and change in our industry. A certified firm knows the right way to apply cleaning procedures and chemistry. A certified firm is working together with other certified firms to raise the standard of carpet cleaning in general, therefore providing you with a higher quality product.

Special Note: Never use a carpet cleaner that is not certified by the IICRC.

The Story of the Starfish

Why do we love working with Just For Girls Academy & Club? And how do they help our community?

Do you know the story of the starfish?
Once upon a time, there was a wise man walking along the shore of the ocean, when he looked down the beach and noticed a young man. The young man was reaching down to the shore, picking up small objects, and throwing them into the ocean.

He came closer and called out “Good morning! May I ask what it is that you are doing?”

The young man paused, looked up, and replied “Throwing starfish into the ocean.”

“I must ask, then, why are you throwing starfish into the ocean?” asked the somewhat startled wise man.

To this, the young man replied, “The sun is up and the tide is going out. If I don’t throw them in, they’ll die.”

Upon hearing this, the wise man commented, “But, young man, do you not realize that there are miles and miles of beach and there are starfish all along every mile? You can’t possibly make a difference!”

At this, the young man bent down, picked up yet another starfish, and threw it into the ocean. As it met the water, he said, “It made a difference for that one.”

We asked Stefanie Overturf of Overturf’s Cleaning what inspired her to get involved:

“It inspires me when I hear the stories of some of these girls and how their lives have been impacted from attending this school. One girl in particular dealt with losing her father. This started to affect her at school and then she started having trouble with other students bullying her. At one point, she thought about committing suicide. Her mother decided to move her to the Just for Girls alternative school and she made great progress. She made friends, did much better academically and is loving life.”

The girls that are in our community now will be tomorrow’s parents, teachers, and business owners. Just for Girls helps them set goals for their future, teaches them to make healthy choices for the future, to learn how to plan for a career and budget, and overall to become productive members of our community.

This week, until the end of the day Friday, December 20th, Overturf’s Cleaning – Floor & Fabric Care is donating .50 cents for every new like on their Facebook page. So visit our page and ‘like’ it to make your contribution.

We also encourage you to visit to see how you can get involved with this wonderful organization.

Story Adapted from The Star Thrower
by Loren Eiseley (1907 – 1977)

How to Buy a Vacuum

As you’ve often heard from us, one of the best steps you can take to preserve your valuable floors and fabrics is regular vacuuming.

Does it matter which vacuum you buy? When prices range from $50 to $500 we sometimes wonder what features to look for in a quality vacuum for home use. This article will hopefully clear up some of the confusion.

Carpet Cleaning Sarasota

What to Look For in a Vacuum


While upright vacuums often have the edge, canister vacuums can be more convenient when cleaning stairs and upholstery. reviewers say to consider the following when buying an upright vacuum:

• Look for a filter. High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters have excellent filtration properties, but other types of filters can be equally effective. Reviews say that most vacuums control emissions fairly well; unless you have severe allergies, most filters will be adequate.

•Choose between bagging and bagless. Bagless models eliminate the ongoing expense of buying new bags, but emptying the dirt cup can be messy. Bagging vacuums generally hold more dirt and may be preferable if you have allergies, because emptying a dirt bin can expose you to a cloud of dust. Either type will do a decent job of cleaning.

•Look for a brushroll shut-off feature if you plan to vacuum bare floors. Uprights generally have a tougher time cleaning bare floors because the revolving brush, which digs dirt out of carpets, often spits dirt from hard surfaces back out of the machine before it can be sucked up. Many vacuums have this feature, but some less expensive models do not. Also, be cautious using the beater bar on Oriental rugs, especially avoid those fringes with the beater bar!

•Skip the dirt-sensor feature. Sometimes you’ll see vacuum manufacturers advertising this feature, which is supposed to sense when dirt pickup slows, presumably meaning that the area is clean. However, reviewers say dirt sensors have nothing to do with performance.

•Check the cord and hose length. A longer hose (7 feet or more) makes it easier to clean high places with an attachment, and it’s less likely that the unit will tip over when doing so. A longer cord (30 feet or more) allows you to clean a bigger area without having to plug the machine into a different outlet. Retractable cords, which don’t need to be wound up by hand after use, are also handy.

•Think about the weight. Most upright vacuums weigh between 9 and 22 pounds. If you’ll need to carry the vacuum up and down stairs, you might be happier with a lighter vacuum. These usually have fewer accessories but might be worth the trade-off. In user reviews, weight is a big complaint.

•Consider the size. Generally, uprights are more cumbersome for cleaning under chairs and tables, although some smaller uprights have a low profile that’s more conducive to hard-to-reach places.

Sarasota carpet cleaner goes to Nashville

Howdy! Stefanie and I just returned from Nashville, Tennessee. We attended a phenomenal conference for business owners.

What a tremendous time learning the value of business ethics from Wes Cantrell, a man who started out as a copy repairman and became the CEO of the company! He taught us how his success formula of putting YOU, the customer first turned Lanier from a million dollar company to a multi-billion dollar company.

More priceless lessons were taught to us by Bill McBean, a very successful entrepreneur and author of The Facts of Business Life.

Mr. Howard Partridge and Tom Ziglar, son of American legend Zig Ziglar really impress the need in us to build a quality business with quality people so we can consistently provide the most outstanding service experience ever.

Jeremy with Tom Ziglar, speaker, author, and proud son of Zig Ziglar, best selling author, salesman, and motivation speaker.

Pro Care of Nashville, a floor care facility that services the homes of stars of country music along with many other of Nashville’s finest citizens, was nice enough to give us a guided tour of their operation. How better to improve our operation than to see how other finely ran service companies do it!

And on our night off we visited the Grand Ole Opry. What a cool place to listen to some of the legends of country music.

Below we’ve shared some testimonials from some of our outstanding clients. Thank you to all who have reviewed us and/or send us your experiences with our company. We take our mission seriously, To Provide the Most Outstanding Service Experience Ever.

Jeremy & Stefanie
Have you Heard?

Still reluctant to give Overturf’s Cleaning a try?

Check out some of the great things our clients have to say. These are unfiltered, unedited reviews and they’re just a small portion of them. To see more, go to:


I understand what professionalism is now.
We have had a lot of carpets cleaned in my life but never anything like this.

Jeremy was unbelievably good!

I had 3 carpets cleaned in my home and scotch guard treatment.

The service could not have been any better. Jeremy was so professional.

He arrived right on time. Did an expert job. The carpets look great. Would recommend this company to anyone.

Would not hesitate to use this company again.

Thank you for the wonderful job.

Hi, Jeremy and Stefanie,

Just want to re-iterate that I was extremely pleased and happy with the results of carpet cleaning

and the the cleaning of the white couch — the fabric came back to life like new and fresh looking.

The young man who came (and I regret I can’t pull his name at this moment) was refreshingly

professional, polite, caring and such a hard worker.

You will be referred whenever I can.

Thanks and regards

We called Overturf’s Cleaning to obtain an estimate for cleaning our carpet, based on a recommendation from a friend.


The quote was higher than what we had previously paid to other carpet cleaners in the past, but we thought we would try Overturf’s because we were not completely satisfied with other firms who had cleaned our carpets. Over the phone Stephanie established a time

and date for the cleaning, and advised us that they would measure the carpet area to be cleaned before they started, to make certain they were providing us with an accurate price. She also said she would email information pertaining to how to prepare for the carpet cleaning. Stephanie was very pleasant to deal with and she followed up on all the commitments she made.

Jeremy and Stephanie arrived right at the appointment time. They walked with us throughout the house to determine exactly what areas we wanted cleaned, and where we wanted extra attention given to an area.

They then measured the carpet area to be cleaned and advised us that the price was “lower” than that which was originally given based on the anticipate square footage we had given them. To us, the fact that they lowered the price based on the actual work to be completed spoke volumes about their honesty and integrity.

Since we had moved most of the furniture there was no need for them to do the light “moving of furniture” that is part of their regular service.

The two of them worked diligently over a couple of hours. They were neat and careful, as well as being thorough. When finished they provided us with a brochure about maintaining the carpet in good shape, as well as a free bottle of stain remover.
We put on the fans and lowered the air conditioning, as per their directions, to help the carpet dry-out. To be on the safe side we did not put any furniture back into the rooms where the carpets were cleaned for forty-eight hours.
As we look at the carpet today, we can truthfully say it looks better than it did after any of the previous five cleanings by other carpet cleaning firms.
We intend to recommend Overturf’s Cleaning Company to friends and neighbors in the area.

We think that Jeremy and Stephanie Overturf are young business people who are dedicated to providing exceptional service to their customers.

They cleaned the carpets in the living room, four bedrooms, the office, the hallway, and the stairway.

Jeremy and Aaron showed up right on time. They were friendly and professional.

They let me know of a couple possible problem areas before they began, but they were able to get most of them clean.

The couple spots that did not come completely out look much better than they did before they started. The carpets looked

great when they left, and they left me with the assurance that they would come back if I needed any areas retouched.

They even left me with some spot cleaner and extra pairs of “booties” for the movers who would be arriving in a couple days.

We were very pleased with the overall quality and professionalism of Overturf’s Cleaning. They did a very thorough job, and were very punctual. I believe they really do know their business! We would definitely use them again.

 It went great!


Made appointment for the same day I called. Excellent professional and courteous service! Highly recommended.

They were timely. He had explained to me that there was some sun damage, along with some areas that he would not be able to fix.

I appreciated that he let me know up front that he wouldn’t be able to do anything about the worn traffic areas and the sun damage,

and asked if I wanted him to continue with the service.

He was intent on ensuring that I was satisfied with the work that could be performed.

He did 9 different steps in cleaning the carpet. He used multiple tools to accomplish the job.

He was not one of the fast-coupon, in-and-out type companies. He really took his time to get the job done right.

He was not high-pressure to sell any of his other products or services.

I will be using them to clean my tile grout here soon.

It was very refreshing to have a company that truly cared about the quality of their services and the satisfaction of their customers.

Once the job was completed, my carpet was clean, fresh and looked awesome!

I just had to say great job. I didn’t really have any expectations, but my goodness, I can’t believe how clean you got it!

I will certainly refer you to all my friends.

I love supporting a reputable, local business owner, Jeremy was really great- and Stephanie very polite and accommodating on the phone, overall a great experience, and my stains are gone, gone I tell you!!!! Superb excellent service with a smile!!!! Thank you and I will recommend you company with pleasure!!!!

Overturf’s is more than a cleaning company- it’s a very personal group of family.

Stephanie and her team have worked on several of our properties, including a full cleaning and sanitizing a rental property where tenants left our place filthy.

Stephanie and team have done a great job preparing our properties for rentals and sales and everything exceeds expectations.

100% recommendation from us.

Get her business card, hang it close to your desk and you’ll find yourself calling her over and over again.


From my initial phone call to saying goodbye when they were finished – everything was professionally handled. I was very happy with the job that was done and some tough spots I have had for a long time were treated & cleaned up beautifully by Jeremy. I have no problem recommending them for anyone who wants a quality, professional company that does a fantastic job from start to finish.


Jeremy kept working some problem areas until they were totally

cleaned or the best that he could do and I was satisfied with his work ethic.

I liked the spot cleaner left behind and the shoe covers – great idea & I used them as I took down my Christmas decor after you left.

Thank you – keep up the great work!!!

Arrived at the promised time. Using Styrofoam blocks, elevated metal furniture legs to avoid future rust stains.

Cleaned the carpet in a very thorough and professional manner.

Jeremy was very pleasant and professional to work with.


They came and cleaned the kitchen tile, and then sealed the grout in all of the house.

 It was outstanding. They first did an initial estimate. They had a nine point system of cleaning.

They did what they promised they would do. They also were punctual.


The company performed an entire house carpet cleaning on a 4/2 that I own as a rental. All areas of the home are carpeted except for tile in the kitchen and both baths.

The company advertises a 12-step cleaning process that most consumers probably don’t care to understand. Results is the bottom line. Overturf’s delivers the goods. As a real estate agent, I recommend them on a regular basis. Any feedback I have heard from others who acted on my suggestion has been very positive.

Excellent results, again. Yes, this company did the same house, same carpet, for me a year and a half ago. Predictably, I was well pleased with the finished product and felt that I got good value for the money spent.

The operator showed up on time, took approximately 2 hours to complete the job, and was just as pleasant and courteous as he could be. What more could you ask for?


Thank you so much for the wonderful job.

The carpet looks brand new.


Stefanie and Jeremy: We cannot tell you what a pleasure it is to work with you both. The quality of Overturf’s Cleaning

cannot be beat. Your flexibility when we need your services above our regularly scheduled visits for both household and carpet cleaning needs just confirms your professionalism. We really enjoyed Your Neighborhood News!

Cleaned all the carpets in our 4 bedroom house. The carpets were first vacuumed, spots were sprayed and then thoroughly cleaned.

 The experience was very positive from start to finish.

They were prompt, even arrived ahead of schedule, efficient and very professional.

The Benefits of Carpet

You know, carpet has been the victim of a lot of nasty rumors over the last few years. A lot of home improvement shows push hardwood floors as being a better alternative. Is that really true?

Below is an article we have found fascinating, as we love our carpeted floors, and many of our clients do too!

The Benefits of Carpeting To Your Home or Business

Carpet is an intelligent floor covering choice for your home or business. Carpet plays a very important, positive role to the total indoor environment.

  • Appearance-Carpet makes a room look better and it adds to the décor. Using color, patterns, and pile heights, you can create just the image you want for your home or business. Carpet fits into an indoor environment without having to dominate it.
  • Style – Color and appearance are part of how a décor is “fulfilled,” but carpet also can make a statement deeper than appearance. It can match a style. Through different fibers, different denier, different face weights, different pile heights, carpet truly can make a statement about a home or business. It allows individual or corporate expression.
  • Insulation -Carpet can help save energy. It is an important contributor to the insulation of the indoor environment. Ever gotten up in the morning and had to walk with your bare feet on a cold, hard floor? Carpet really does help keep the warm in, but just as importantly creates a psychological impression that the room is warm.
  • “Feel” – Have you ever tried to “curl up” in front of the fireplace on a hard surface floor? Carpet feels so good. It’s soft, it’s easier on the feet, and it provides a “softer feel” to the whole indoor environment.
  • Acoustics – Carpet eliminates the echo chamber effect. It collects and dampens noise. It absorbs sound and creates a quiet, more controlled, peaceful atmosphere.
  • Safety -Everyone reading this article has at one time or another slipped on a hard surface floor. Try to slip on a carpet. It’s hard to do. Carpet provides a safety barrier that just can’t be ignored, especially in a commercial environment. Besides, if someone does trip and fall, a carpet is a lot softer place to land than a hard floor.
  • Professional Image -Carpet makes a statement about a home or company’s image. It provides a formal, warm contribution to the indoor environment.
  • “Concealability” -Carpet is made to hide and conceal dirt, soil, and other spilled and tracked materials better than other floor covering alternatives. The construction of carpet fiber allows it to conceal soil and spills. Other floor covering alternatives require immediate maintenance when soil is tracked or liquid is spilled.
  • Ease of Maintenance -One of the most frustrating things a carpet cleaner hears is from people who think carpet is more expensive to maintain than hard surface floors. Anyone who has ever been responsible for the professional upkeep of a tile, stone or hardwood floor knows that is not the case. Equipment, cleaning agents, systems and training are available that make a carpet easy to maintain in all types of indoor environments. Add to the fact that carpet cleaning can be both by interim maintenance “appearance” methods for the short run (such as low moisture encapsulation cleaning) as well as restorative methods for appearance, wearability, and health, in the longer run (truck mounted hot water extraction cleaning). Carpet can be maintained at an excellent appearance and health level.
  • Collection And Filtration Center -Carpet acts as a filter in the indoor environment. It filters airborne soiling and pollutants from the airspace. That is a major advantage of carpeting. No other home or business furnishing does a better job of collecting and filtering soil and pollutants whereby they can be properly and completely removed and taken away by periodic professional hot water extraction cleaning. Carpet prevents the migration of pollutants and bio-contaminants throughout the indoor environment. Hard surface floors do not capture pollutants and contaminants. Carpet is a positive indoor filter and collection center. When properly maintained by professional hot water extraction cleaning, it contributes to a healthier indoor environment.

Extending Your Carpets Life

You’ve probably found that it’s easier to maintain something on a regular basis than to let it go too long and then try to take care of it.
This applies to a lot of things: your health, your finances, and yes, cleaning your home.

Below are some tips to extend your carpet life. If you can keep those traffic areas from wearing out too quickly you can get many more years out of your carpet. Not only does this save you the expense of new carpet, more importantly it saves you the time and hassle of having your floors replaced too soon.

Tips for Extending Carpet Life
Normal household dirt and dust is abrasive to your carpet. Frequent vacuuming not only keeps your carpet cleaner, it significantly reduces wear and tear (cause by abrasive soils) in traffic areas. A quality, well maintained vacuum cleaner can make this job a snap.

Adopt a “no shoes” policy in your home. Not only do shoes track in dirt from the outside, they can be very abrasive to your carpeting. House slippers or socks are the best way to go.

Strategic placement of durable scuff mats or area rugs (ideally not on top of the installed carpeting) adjacent to the highest traffic areas can help keep your carpet cleaner and may help to reduce uneven wear patterns. Using carpet remnants on top of your carpeting will cause the carpet to wear faster, as the rough backing on remnants is highly abrasive.

Cleaning up spots and spills: Avoid using home remedies or cleaners not formulated for carpeting. Many cleaning agents contain detergents or other chemicals that can actually “set” a stain or cause color loss.

The first thing to do is to remove any excess liquid and/or matter from the carpet by blotting with copious amounts of paper toweling or with a shop vac. Apply a small amount of spotting agent to a clean white terry towel and then work from the outer edges of the spill towards the center to prevent further spreading.

Do not rub excessively or use a brush as permanent fiber distortion can result. Once removed blot dry the area as much as possible after treatment and air dry or simply place a pile of paper toweling over the area and weigh down.

To eliminate oily soils and maintain a healthy home schedule professional carpet cleaning at least once a year – more often if you have kids or pets. Cleaning on a regular basis will significantly extend the life of your carpet. Carpet protector, like Scotchgard, gives your carpet a protective layer that helps protect against wear.

Remember, as a rule of thumb, it’s easier to maintain your carpet than to restore it. Always insist upon a certified professional technician.

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